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Everything you always wanted to know about Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN)

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is one of the most important identifying marks on your vehicle. This number gives you a complete history of the vehicle. Starting from where it was made and by what manufacturer, the VIN on your car distinguishes your car from other vehicles.  Additionally, the VIN is also used to track …

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Top 10 Affiliate Programs For Automotive

Today it’s become wildly clear that multiple streams of revenue are vital to any business. Selling in the automotive space today may seem challenging but affiliate marketing programs create a solid value proposition for everyone involved. Most importantly the hosting site can ensure that ads placed on their site not only interest their audience but pay them back each time one is used. Car enthusiasts are a focused group so adding products, services, and experiences to your site through affiliate marketing programs can be a boom to revenue. The trouble comes in when you have to find the right programs to take part in. Today we’re looking at the top ten affiliate programs by the numbers. Flowery language won’t get programs on this list. These are only the best.

How To Check A VIN

In life, we have many serious relationships where a knowledge of the other parties’ past would’ve been deeply helpful when the relationship began. When the relationship between you and a potential new used car in your life gets serious it’s time to dig around in that cars past a little bit. While getting a pre-purchase inspection of the car is absolutely important, it won’t cover all the major concerns that may not have been disclosed to you. For instance, it won’t tell you anything about the service history and legal past of the car. In addition, if you’re dealing with a seller that might require some negotiating, asking for a pre-purchase inspection might tip your hand that you’re quite serious about the car in question. So before you go that route lets talk about another option that will still get you vital information. It’s called a VIN Check and it may save you thousands of dollars.

Confessions Of A Service Advisor

We all have to take our car to the shop from time to time. Whether it’s just an oil change or something that needs serious repair we all hate to be approached by the service advisor with a new unexpected problem that requires attention. Today we look at 5 confessions from me, one of the guys who’s spent years behind the desk and who knows the truth about what your car really needs as opposed to what you’re told. Don’t see the confession you’re wondering about? Ask me anything below!