Top 10 Affiliate Programs For Automotive

Today it’s become wildly clear that multiple streams of revenue are vital to any business. Selling in the automotive space today may seem challenging but affiliate marketing programs create a solid value proposition for everyone involved. Most importantly the hosting site can ensure that ads placed on their site not only interest their audience but pay them back each time one is used. Car enthusiasts are a focused group so adding products, services, and experiences to your site through affiliate marketing programs can be a boom to revenue. The trouble comes in when you have to find the right programs to take part in. Today we’re looking at the top ten affiliate programs by the numbers. Flowery language won’t get programs on this list. These are only the best.

The numbers here will blow you away. VINsmart offers 35% commission and a 182 cookie for affiliates. VINsmart provides an incredibly detailed and accurate vehicle VIN history report. Obviously, any site that might inspire customers to purchase a new car should have a site like VINsmart as an affiliate and nobody has payouts even close to theirs. In addition, that cookie length is unmatched. No other program even does half as well. It’s totally free to join and that’s just one more reason they have over 150 affiliate partners. I can’t say too much but I have it on good authority that they’re about to do do a special promotion for those who are signed up with them. Get in while you can.

2. Tire Rack

Every motorist will need tires at some point.Enthusiasts know that tires are the best parts investment they can make for their vehicles. In the age of online sales more and more customers are buying tires online and having them installed at a retailer of their choice. Tire rack makes that very easy and they’re the best source for quality reviews,information, and outstanding pricing. Their affiliate program is terrific too offering 6% commissions and a 60-day cookie.

3. Autozone

Autozone is the most well-known brick and mortar automotive store in the nation. Leveraging that presence online can be areal winner for those who affiliate with them. Their commission is the lowest on this group at only 3% but their cookie sticks around for 45 days and considering the large customer base they can be a boost to your site.

4. Torque Detail

A seemingly small but very vital part of caring for your car is getting it cleaned properly inside and out. Perhaps one of the most important factors in the sale of a car is the condition of the body and paint. Torque Detail gives customers the solution and a 15% commission on a 30-day cookie. Even better, once customers understand the long term solution that TD offers it’ll sell itself.

5. LASFIT Lighting

LASFIT is another niche business that does quite a bit of volume. They provide modern lighting and LED accessories to their customers and when it comes to niche automotive products, the lighting sector is always popular. It allows customers to dramatically change the look of their vehicle very easily. LASFITs cookie lasts 90 days and provides a 9%commission that can grow up to 15%. That’s a great value.


Every longtime car enthusiast wants to maintain their car’s beauty and while detailing a car is a task that should be repeated fairly often, getting a car cover that fits well and does a good job is a one time purchase. offers high-quality products and multiple SKUs per vehicle. Commissions are 10% and the average sale is over $100. Their cookie lasts 30 days.

7. Vivid Racing

Vivid Racing is another amazing affiliate program that any site that features high-end cars should be associated with.They primarily deal with super cars and super SUVs. Many of their sales are in the thousands of dollars and they offer 4-5% commissions over 30 days. That can turn into big money very quickly. Signing up is totally free too.

8. CarsDirect

Part of the journey is searching for the right car. CarsDirect is a huge player in the market and you can leverage that power for yourself. Their cookie lasts for 30 days and commissions are outstanding at $6-$15 depending on the product purchased. It makes sense that they aren’t offering a percentage considering even 1% would cut into their profit dramatically. Nevertheless, millions of cars are sold every month and you can easily get a bit of that profit for yourself.

9. AutoPartsWarehouse

For those who are willing to dig deeper than Autozones products for a better deal, AutoPartsWarehouse is there. There’s real value in their affiliate program at a 14% commission over 45 days. Car people need parts and APW has proven they’re a big value.

10. Goodyear Tire

We all know Goodyear tires quite well. There’s a good reason for that. They’ve been in the business for decades and have built a well-trusted brand. When affiliating with them they’ll give $6 per lead and $6 per item purchased from their site over 45 days. While TireRack will get more of a younger demographic, Goodyear will score well on the other side of that equation.

Today it’s paramount to offer every facet of utility possible that puts you at the top of the list in people’s minds around your content. Automotive enthusiasts love their cars and other people’s cars.They have them on the brain constantly and want to be a part of every bit of the lifestyle. As we talked about at the start, multiple streams of income are required today, using these programs will ensure that you’re firing on all cylinders.

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Matthew Beasley

Matthew Beasley

I am the Director of Marketing at VINsmart and previously worked for Cox Automotive in the marketing department designing advertisements for Autotrade and Mainhiem. I wouldn't call myself an "Automotive Enthusiast"; however, I do love marketing in the automotive industry. I've become an EV junky recently. I am a Tesla owner and have a new found love for advanced technology in automotive.

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