Tesla Opens Supercharger Network to Ford Customers

Tesla Opens Supercharger Network to Ford Customers

Tesla has decided to open its Supercharger network to Ford customers in the U.S. and Canada as a major step of advocating electric vehicle adoption and eliminating range anxiety. This move follows the partnership deal which was signed between two companies last year with Ford being the first car manufacturer to join Tesla’s charging network. …

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Tesla’s Topsy-Turvy Start To February 2020

What a week for Tesla, and there wasn’t even a model announcement to deal with! From a sighting of the soon-to-be-released Model Y and a tweet about a Giga facility in Texas, plus some surprising influence from a bug in China, anyone who doesn’t follow Tesla in the news might want to start keeping an eye on the finance and autos pages.

Tesla’s Dog Mode Is A Game Changer

For more than 15000 years we’ve connected with dogs in a way that is unchallenged by any other animal species. They’re our companions, our friends and oftentimes, our family. These days none of us seem to spend the time we want to with them either because life is so busy. As such, Elon Musk has heard the call for a solution and he’s given us a whole new feature that internal combustion propelled cars can’t match and it’s simply called “Dog Mode”.