Five Ways to Get More Referrals. Communication is Key!

Five Ways to Get More Referrals. Communication is Key!

One of the most proven ways of creating more business is through referrals. It is about satisfying the customer until they are inspired to recommend those services to others.  Once you get a lead, the chances of converting it to a sale are high.  As soon as your prospect has gained trust with your business, they are ready to buy.  However, since this is the most difficult process in any business, you need a referee.  Referees ensure that trust is established and the lead is ready for conversion. How can you make them a top priority in your marketing strategy?

Ask your Customers for Referrals

The 6 Degrees of Separation theory explains how every person is connected to another. This connection the theory proposes could happen through introductions. Your customers have connections to other potential customers. Start shifting your mindset and understand that business is a web of relations.  Each of your customers has a circle of people they know could benefit from your services. It can feel tasking to ask for this proactive favor from your customers.  However, it shouldn’t be complicated. After their purchase or service, follow them up with a short survey.  Find out what they think about your services on a scale of 1-10. This will help you establish happy customers. These are the clients who can help you with referrals. Be professional and make them feel valued. Your request should focus on finding out what your business or company can improve to serve their needs and those of their referrals in the future.

Take Advantage of Communication

If you are to grow your business, basic communication will be important. Communicate to your customers about what to expect in every phase of the project. Talking to your customers communicates commitment. This is what builds solid relationships between a business and a client. Use the mode that is most suitable for each client. For instance, call them to give them positive updates about the project. You could also send a photo and a short text message showing the progress. Updating clients regularly, such as daily or every week, creates anticipation and manages expectations. Talk to them about both good and bad news. This is a professional way of offsetting frustrations, especially when there are any expected delays.

Five Ways to Get More Referrals. Communication is Key!

Incentivize your Services

What inspires each of your customers to give referrals? This is why surveys are important. You may think you are offering world-class services, but your customers are not satisfied. Customers who give you a rating of seven and below are unlikely to refer anyone to you. Reach out to them and find out how you can meet their expectations. Eventually, you could turn them into your brand advocates. Learn what motivates them. Is it a discount program or free services? Reward them together with their referrals. This reward structure has a high possibility of motivating them to send you more referrals. The benefit of this structure is that those rewarded will also recommend their contacts. Create a link that clients can use to forward for a redirection to your website. Ensure that your customers receive their rewards as agreed.

Advertise your Referral Program

How will your referral program benefit your customers? They need to know before engaging. The program should explain how they will gain and how it works. The program should be easy to access on your website. It should appear on the menu for them to find it quickly and navigate. Talk about how easy it is to participate. Are there customers who have benefited from your reward incentives? Include those testimonials to encourage more participation from others. If you are still not gaining traction despite your marketing efforts, change your strategy. For instance, you could increase the reward depending on the results of your evaluated metrics.

Inspire Confidence

Customers only refer businesses they believe have credibility and reliability. Are you competent? Engage them on social media platforms on a timely basis. LinkedIn is the perfect platform to follow up on prospects and also network. Ensure that the project goals align with your company profile. Prove to your customers that you are reliable and credible by keeping your promise. If you promise to follow up on something and respond within an hour, do it. Also, be consistent. Deliver the same level of quality in all your services. Customers want to be assured that you will meet and exceed their standards. Implementing these strategies will result in more referrals. There is not much that is more valuable to a business than an endorsement from third parties. Recommendations carry an inherent trust factor and can quickly help you to create conversion. A robust referral means that the sale cycle becomes shorter. Giving attention to your referral program like you do in other important programs will go a long way to boosting your marketing and increasing sales. Remember to thank every customer who refers your brand.

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