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Franchise vs. Independent Car Dealers / VINsmart has a Dealer Program!

Franchise vs. Independent Car Dealers / VINsmart has a Dealer Program!

Driving past several car dealerships, you may think they all look about the same. On closer examination, though, you will see there are a number of significant differences between them, with implications for both shoppers and would-be dealers. What’s the Difference? A franchise dealership carries new inventory from one or more manufacturers. They may also …

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Top 10 Affiliate Programs For Automotive

Today it’s become wildly clear that multiple streams of revenue are vital to any business. Selling in the automotive space today may seem challenging but affiliate marketing programs create a solid value proposition for everyone involved. Most importantly the hosting site can ensure that ads placed on their site not only interest their audience but pay them back each time one is used. Car enthusiasts are a focused group so adding products, services, and experiences to your site through affiliate marketing programs can be a boom to revenue. The trouble comes in when you have to find the right programs to take part in. Today we’re looking at the top ten affiliate programs by the numbers. Flowery language won’t get programs on this list. These are only the best.

10 Things To Look For When Buying A Used Car

Buying a used car can be exciting and scary at the same time. You are excited that you are getting something new to you, but at the same time, you don’t want to get scammed or ripped off. Think about it, you buy a used car that seems great, but months down the road, the car says, “Pull over, check engine.” I’ve had this happen when buying an undisclosed flooded car with electrical issues.

An Inside Look At How Covid-19 Has Affected Car Sales

The scene of the whole world is changing and the automotive part of that world has been shaken in the process. Coronavirus or Covid-19 has swept through the globe with reckless abandon faster than a Ferrari with a jet engine and has affected some of the largest parts of the industry. Even the Geneva motor show, a huge part of debuting the most polished and pristine examples of advanced autos in the world, was canceled for the first time in nearly 70 years. The impact across the industry is vast. Dealership sales models are being adjusted all over the country as everyone tries to get a better grasp on what we’re in for. One dealer in the southeast United States told VINsmart “It’s grinded to a halt”. Here’s a behind the scenes peek at what is actually happening inside the automotive industry and how you can take full advantage of those market adjustments to help your customers score a killer deal on their next used car.

Top 10 Used Car Sites

Every second in the United States an average of 1.26 used cars are sold. That doesn’t include the more than 20 million new cars and trucks sold each year either. The car business is truly oceanic in its proportions. How can you be sure to find the right car for you in a sea of mediocrity? Thankfully the internet helps us narrow down options even for those willing to travel over state borders to find the right deal. However, before we can begin searching it’s important to consider where to begin the search as not all engines prove equal to the task. Today we review the top ten used car buying sites and help you to get a proper lay of the land.

Confessions Of A Service Advisor

We all have to take our car to the shop from time to time. Whether it’s just an oil change or something that needs serious repair we all hate to be approached by the service advisor with a new unexpected problem that requires attention. Today we look at 5 confessions from me, one of the guys who’s spent years behind the desk and who knows the truth about what your car really needs as opposed to what you’re told. Don’t see the confession you’re wondering about? Ask me anything below!