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Life-Saving Car Safety Features Make Driving Safer Than Ever

Are you familiar with standard car safety features?  There are several improvements in the industry.  In the early days of automobiles, nobody thought very much about safety implications. After all, the first cars were slow and somewhat unreliable. Drivers faced more risk from getting stranded while traveling than from getting injured in a crash. However, …

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As NMVTIS Nears 99% Completion, Texas Shares It’s NMVTIS Guide

The Anti Car Theft Act of 1992, put in place to cut down on the illegal activity of trafficking in stolen vehicles.  This act gives law enforcement another useful tool to assist in their fight against auto theft, combating automobile title fraud, preventing chop shop related thefts, and inspecting exports for stolen vehicles.  With Tennessee …

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An Inside Look At How Covid-19 Has Affected Car Sales

The scene of the whole world is changing and the automotive part of that world has been shaken in the process. Coronavirus or Covid-19 has swept through the globe with reckless abandon faster than a Ferrari with a jet engine and has affected some of the largest parts of the industry. Even the Geneva motor show, a huge part of debuting the most polished and pristine examples of advanced autos in the world, was canceled for the first time in nearly 70 years. The impact across the industry is vast. Dealership sales models are being adjusted all over the country as everyone tries to get a better grasp on what we’re in for. One dealer in the southeast United States told VINsmart “It’s grinded to a halt”. Here’s a behind the scenes peek at what is actually happening inside the automotive industry and how you can take full advantage of those market adjustments to help your customers score a killer deal on their next used car.

Tesla’s Topsy-Turvy Start To February 2020

What a week for Tesla, and there wasn’t even a model announcement to deal with! From a sighting of the soon-to-be-released Model Y and a tweet about a Giga facility in Texas, plus some surprising influence from a bug in China, anyone who doesn’t follow Tesla in the news might want to start keeping an eye on the finance and autos pages.