VINsmart Sponsors NYC Auto Show & Forum August 20!

VINsmart announces they are a leading sponsor of the NYC Auto Show & Forum this year. The show and forum, which takes place on August 20 – 29, 2021, is a powerful gathering of industry leaders.  It sets the standards for the automotive industry in the coming years.

This year the NYC Auto Show & Forum addresses the electric car industry.  Also, the challenges automotive makers face in bringing this type of product to market is on the agenda. Issues that will be addressed cover everything from manufacturing to digital marketing.

The Auto Show & Forum is one of the most influential gatherings of industry leaders.  This event shapes the future of the automotive industry! Representatives from the automotive industry, JD Powers, financial institutions, and auto dealers are a few of the groups that are represented by this year’s speakers.

The NYC Auto Show & Forum Is A Great Place To Interact With Others In The Industry

In addition to the many speakers featured at the show, there are automotive industry-related businesses set up to display their products and services.  You will benefit from attending this event. Businesses benefit from discovering new services and products that enhance their automotive sales.

New products and services are also introduced at this event. When you attend the NYC Auto Show and Forum, be the first to discover these products and services!  Have an advantage over your competitors by being the first to incorporate them into your business.

2021 Agenda

The Forum begins with a networking breakfast at 8:00 am. Next, guests attend several different forums throughout the day.  These range from Q&A sessions with industry experts to a fireside chat. Following a networking lunch period, guests enjoy walking through the show area for the remainder of the day. The show ends at 5 pm.

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VINsmart Is A Major Sponsor Of The 2021 NYC Auto Show & Forum

As a leading provider of vehicle history reports, VINsmart is thrilled to sponsor such an important show for the automotive industry.

VINsmart is a leading provider of comprehensive vehicle histories.  Unlike similar services, VINsmart goes the extra mile to make sure all available information about a vehicle is documented in the report.

VINsmart reports cover all transactions that occur to a vehicle.  History begins from original purchase to every time the car has been bought and sold.  We document insurance claims against the vehicle as well as changes to its title.  In addition, the VINsmart report tracks recall notices and completed repairs.  And, of course, we search for accident information.

Finally, VINsmart reports research titles for liens, salvage designations, and odometer changes that have occurred. All these issues are very significant when purchasing a used vehicle.

Why VINsmart?

The secondary car market has grown significantly in the last few years.  Therefore, the need for an accurate and complete car history has never been more important. Car lots that provide VINsmart histories are seen as more customer-centric and transparent. Potential buyers are comfortable making a purchase from your lot because you are providing them with all the information about a vehicle.

Individuals that are looking to purchase a vehicle from another individual can also access VINsmart reports. Reports provide individuals with the information they need to make an informed decision.

The use of comprehensive VIN reports helps keep dangerous vehicles off the road. When you can trace the accident history and salvage classification of a vehicle, you discover if a vehicle is road-worthy. Avoiding these vehicles helps keep the roads safer.  Potentially dangerous cars are not being purchased and driven.

The best news for dealerships is our service is very affordable!  And, the information is generated instantly. You never have to keep your clients waiting for a history report.  Finally, your car dealership always looks more professional when a vehicle history is provided.

Attend The NYC Auto Show and Forum -2021

VINsmart encourages everyone in the automotive industry to attend the NYC Auto Show & Forum. This is a great opportunity to discover new things about the industry.  Learn about current and future trends!  Make business connections!  This is a full-day event featuring amazing speakers, great food, and lots of industry-related support products.  Plus, there are service vendors!  Don’t miss it!

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