What You Need To Know About Vehicle Recalls

Vehicle recalls are not unusual. In fact, the auto industry averages between 100 and 150 recall’s per year across all of the manufacturers. These recalls may be voluntary or required. The National Traffic Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) can force a recall on any vehicle if it finds a public safety risk.

Some recalls can be as simple as replacing a motor switch on electric windows because of a bad manufacturing part or as serious as the Takeda Air Bag recall that affected millions of cars across all manufacturers. All recalls are repaired for free by the manufacturer; all you have to do is schedule an appointment with the dealership that manages care for your type of vehicle.

What If The Recall Is Not Repaired?

Manufacturers are required to notify all vehicle owners about any recall that is open on their vehicle. The manufacturers often do this by sending a letter or postcard to the vehicle owner based on the last known address on the vehicle registration. Many of these notifications are overlooked or do not arrive at the correct address. When this happens, the repairs are not made.

If the recall is for something simple, this may not be a major concern. However, since most recalls concern a safety problem, it is important that these repairs have been made. Once the repairs have been made, the information is updated in the manufacturer’s database, and the car is listed as having been repaired.

If the vehicle has not been repaired, the recall remains open on this vehicle. The recall will remain open until the vehicle has been repaired, regardless of how long this takes. The Importance of maintaining this record is to ensure if the vehicle is resold as a used car that the new owner does not purchase a vehicle that is unsafe.

How Do You Know If The Repairs have Been Made On A Used Vehicle?

If you are thinking about purchasing a used vehicle, it will always be in your best interest to find out the history of that vehicle, including if there are any open recalls on that specific vehicle. You could spend an extensive amount of time researching that vehicle on government agency websites, or you could use VinSmart.

VinSmart can compile a complete history of your vehicle based on the VIN. This information will include important information such as open recalls, major repairs made to the vehicle, and title information. The report will also include information regarding previous accidents and if the vehicle has ever been written off as a loss or totaled by an insurance company.

Additionally, a VinSmart report can tell you if there is a salvage title on the vehicle because it has been previously stolen, involved in a fire, or has been damaged by a flood.

What If The Used Vehicle Has Open Recalls?

If you are interested in purchasing a vehicle and your VinSmart report comes back that there are open recalls attached to the vehicle, you have two choices. You can ask that the dealership make all the necessary repairs on the vehicle before completing the purchase, or you can look at another vehicle.

If you are purchasing from a private person, you have a third choice to purchase the vehicle and then take it in yourself to have the recall repairs completed. This is up to your own discretion.

Whatever Your Choices Have The Repairs Made On The Vehicle

Vehicle recalls are not something that should be taken lightly. If NHTSA requires the recall, it is because there is a large safety risk. This risk may include everyone within the vehicle, such as defective brakes, or to other drivers or pedestrians, such as faulty brake systems.

Manufacturer voluntary recalls should be taken just as seriously. While some of these may be for non-safety issues, many of them still are for safety reasons. Manufacturers must repair these issues at no charge to the consumer, so there is no real reason that these repairs should not be made.

If you have a vehicle with a recall notice or are considering buying a vehicle with an open recall notice, make sure that you immediately schedule an appointment with the dealership.

VinSmart Vehicle History Reports

VinSmart is the best tool you can use when you are looking for a used vehicle. VinSmart searches all government and private databases that track vehicle repairs, accidents, and title registrations. VinsSmart also searches the recall database to see if there are any open recalls on your vehicle.

These reports can help you make an informed decision about purchasing a used vehicle. Running a report on a vehicle you are trying to sell will also be a great selling point because it provides your potential buyers with a way to make an informed decision on purchasing your used vehicle

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