How VINsmart Can Benefit Auto Dealerships

Automobile Dealerships Will Experience Many Benefits From Using VINSmart Vehicle Records

When you own a car dealership, you already understand how competitive the market is to sell your vehicles. This is especially true in a used car dealership setting. Even if you are selling certified pre-owned vehicles, your customers are going to feel more confident making a purchase from you if a detailed car history is available. 

And a confident potential buyer is exactly what you need to secure the sale when they have access to history information which protects consumers. 

VINSmart offers dealers a comprehensive vehicle history on any car within minutes of submitting a request. If your buyer has questions about the car’s history, you will have the answers in a detailed report. A print out of the report will give your potential buyers physical proof of what they want to know and will give your dealership a more professional persona for being able to meet this request. 

Each of our reports will include the following information via our Information System and NMVTIS reports: 

– Title history. Know when and where vehicle has been titled since purchased brand new via titling history (Vehicle Registration)

– Liens and leases- This search will tell you if the title is clear 

– Title concerns – such as odometer inaccuracies, fire damage, or accident reports, vehicle identification, stolen vehicle

– If the title shows the vehicle as a total loss or has a salvage title / crash reports 

– Motor Vehicle Title Information System

– Recall history (vehicle recalls)

-Registration and Title to help eliminate title fraud 

– Value of vehicle from two independent resources: J.D. Power® and Blackbook® 

All of this starting at only $2.95 to $4.95 per vehicle to all of our certified dealers. 

Using our professional reports will help sales and boost the credibility of your business and your vehicles. 

Purchase Vehicles Like A Pro 

Used car dealerships often obtain their vehicles as trade-ins or by purchasing them from the local auctions. Sadly, there are occasions when one of the vehicles purchased ends up having a VIN that belongs to a previously stolen vehicle. This can result in serious financial losses for your car lot, as well as a lot of headaches and paperwork.  We will provide dealer training.

Avoid this problem by completing a report on any vehicle that you are accepting as a trade-in or are considering purchasing at auction. This way, you will always know if the VIN is clean or if there are any issues that you should be concerned about regarding the vehicle. 

Auto Industry Related Businesses 

In addition to providing important data to car dealerships across the country, whether you buy or sell, our vehicle history reports are also an essential tool for car-related industries. Our reports have proven beneficial to: 

– Insurance companies 

– Car loan lenders 

– Vehicle repair facilities 

Having relevant historical information about any vehicle allows these businesses to make the right decisions concerning lending, insuring, and repairs. 

Our Guarantee 

A large portion of the information that is provided within our reports is derived from the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System(NMVTIS). This is a national database via the Department of Justice, that monitors vehicle titles (freedom of information). This is conducted on a national level to ensure that any vehicles sold across state lines have clear titles and that the actual history of the vehicle is always known. 

All states, car dealerships, insurance companies, and salvage yards are required by law to report to the database. However, some of these agencies can fall behind in their duties. Our business cannot guarantee that all the information in the NMVTIS is up-to-date at the time you purchase your vehicle. 

However, we guarantee that all of our reports will contain as much information as possible from this source including title records. If any of our reports are released without NMVITS information contained in the report, we will issue a refund for the service minus our small processing fee. 

Our reports contain a wealth of information about the vehicles that are outside of the NMVTIS reports. On the rare occasion that some of the information may be missing from the NMVTIS data, our clients can see the full picture of the vehicle’s history from the other available information. 

Get The Mobile App and Make Life Easier 

We have taken our service to the next level by offering a state-of-the-art mobile app for our car history reporting service. Use your mobile device to scan the VIN or speak the numbers into the app and watch the report generate instantly. Let us be a business partner.

We encourage you to take advantage of our app. The cost of your reports is the same, and you will not have to worry about running back and forth from a vehicle to your desk to start the car history report process. 

Customer Support 

If you have questions, concerns, or are experiencing any technical difficulties, we encourage you to contact us immediately. Whether you contact us directly by phone or by email, you will be answered promptly by one of our professional staff members. We believe that superior customer service is an important part of all the services that we provide to our customers. 

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