NIADA has partnered with VINsmart

NIADA commands 15k paid used car dealers and have partnered with VINsmart

The National Independent Auto Dealers Association – NIADA has partnered with VINsmart to provide car history packages for the protection of buyers. This is incredible news for both NIADA subscribers and VINsmart.

NIADA has over 15 thousand subscribers throughout the United States and is the leading source of quality information for the used car market. Car dealers can access information about everything related to the industry from NIADA, including recall notices, law changes, and business information.

Now, NIADA has partnered with VINsmart. This partnership will provide NIADA subscribers with discounted access to VINsmart automobile history reports. Members will automatically qualify for a discount off our already low price of $3.50 per vehicle report.

Used Car Buyers Love Car History Reports

Over 95 percent of potential used car buyers feel more comfortable purchasing a vehicle that has a car history report that they can see before making a purchase. These car reports add transparency to the transaction and give the consumer a feeling of confidence that they may not experience if they are just guessing about the background of the vehicle.

A car history report can show the consumer valid information about the vehicle that can help them decide about making the purchase. The consumer can see if the car has ever been involved in a serious accident. They can find out if the vehicle has ever been recalled and if those recalls were repaired. They can determine if the odometer is right and if the vehicle has ever been totaled due to natural disasters such as storm damage or flooding.

Providing a VINsmart car history report to potential buyers eliminates any surprises for the buyer. They do not have to worry about finding out the car was considered a total loss by an insured, was a formerly stolen vehicle, or that it does not contain a salvage title.

VINSmart Reports Are The Most Comprehensive Reports Available

VINsmart searches most vehicle databases for information on used vehicles. We go the extra mile to make sure that you know everything possible about a vehicle before purchasing. We even go as far as to have the VIN decoded so that you know of any special features the vehicle may have been manufactured with to ensure they are still included.

We search motor vehicle agencies, insurance agencies, and mechanic registrations for car repairs and loss information. We will track the VIN to see if the vehicle has ever been a part of a car auction or contains a salvage title. We will also give you a full history of how many places the title has been registered and the last odometer reading that was legally registered.

Buying A Used Car Has Both Advantages and Disadvantages and this is why NIADA has partnered with VINsmart


As many people already know, buying a used vehicle has many advantages. When you purchased a used vehicle, you are buying a vehicle that has already depreciated from the new vehicle cost, so you are paying less for the same vehicle. If the vehicle has been well maintained, you can get a vehicle that you can use for many years without having to invest large sums of money into repairs.

However, buying a used vehicle also comes with risks if you do not know the vehicle history. If the vehicle has had recalls on it and the previous owner did not make the repairs, purchasing the vehicle could place you at risk. If the car was involved in a flood, there might be undercarriage damage that you cannot easily see. If the car was stolen and written off as a total loss, there may be a lot of damage to the vehicle’s engine or frame.

When a dealer can present a car history report for a vehicle the buyer is interested in; the disadvantages melt away. The buyer can see everything there is to know about the vehicle and make their decision to buy with confidence.

NIADA is the leading source of quality information and helps independent car dealers. It is very exciting that VINsmart auto history reports have now become the preferred car history report supplier for this company. This recognition from NIADA helps support the fact that we believe we provide the most comprehensive car history reports available on the market.

VINsmart is pleased to provide every member of NIADA with a discounted price for our services. We would also like to remind each dealer that we offer a guarantee with our reports. If we cannot provide you with a comprehensive report on the VIN you submit, we will refund your report costs minus a $2.00 processing fee. This is a guarantee that you cannot find anywhere else in the car history reporting industry.

Try our service today; we are absolutely positive that you will be pleased with our reports and that our reports will help you generate more car sales.

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