What is NMVTIS

The National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) is a government-sponsored program designed to help prevent fraud with used car sales. The program was implemented and is managed by the U.S. Department of Justice. NMVTIS is used in every state, and all states must submit information to the system.

What Information Does NMVTIS Collect?

The National Motor Vehicle Title Information System collects the following information on vehicle titles:

  • Most recent title information
  • Most recent odometer reading
  • Most recent condition or “brand” of the vehicle
  • Some vehicles may also have title information showing if the car was previously stolen
  • Titling Agencies information 
  • Title fraud information
  • Vehicle Identification from the Department of Motor Vehicle
  • Stolen vehicle information from data providers
  • Salvage pools data
  • Public records
  • Vehicle data

This information is submitted by the vehicle titling agencies in each state, car insurance companies, and salvage/junkyards and helps keep unsafe vehicles and prevents the introduction of these vehicles back on our roadways.

When referring to the vehicle’s most recent condition or brand, the report is referencing if the car has been designated a salvage vehicle. If a car has been designated salvage due to accident, flood, or fire, the title must be changed to reflect this information.  This protects consumers from fraud. and provides consumers protection to an individual and or commercial drivers.

NMVTIS is designed and The Justice Department started this program by providing data to reduce title fraud from public records. When the VIN and title are tracked in this manner, it becomes challenging to resell salvaged or stolen vehicles.

Why A Total Vehicle History Is Crucial To Purchasing a Used Vehicle

There are many benefits to purchasing a used vehicle. For many people, the ability to buy a used vehicle allows them to buy more vehicle for the same or less money. For others, buying a used vehicle helps them remain within their personal budget. Whatever the reason that you decide to buy used, it is important that you know what you are buying.

A vehicle can look amazing on the outside, but it is what is on the inside and the history of that vehicle that counts the most. Any skilled repair shop can transform a vehicle into a masterpiece. However, no one can hide the fact that a vehicle was involved in a fire or flood and has a salvage title now or was involved in an accident. A vehicle history also shows how well the car was maintained, if recall notices were corrected and if the title is free from liens or other issues.

It will always be in your best interest when purchasing a used vehicle to have the vehicle checked by a mechanic or inspection station if it is not a certified used vehicle and obtain a vehicle history report, so you know exactly what you are buying.

VINSmart Is Your All-Inclusive Vehicle History Report Provider

VINSmart is your preferred provider for an all-inclusive vehicle history report and title verification for prospective purchasers. Our reports contain all of the available information on your car. We will check with NMVTIS as well as with all other reporting agencies to build a complete background report on your vehicle.

With a VINSmart report, you can make an informed choice when purchasing a used vehicle. It does not matter if you are purchasing the vehicle from a private seller or used car lot; our reports will give you everything you need to help you select the right car for you.

Purchasing a used vehicle has risks. But these risks can be significantly reduced when you are an informed consumer. There are those out there providing information which is false for illicit purposes. With the right information available, you will know as much as possible about the vehicle you are considering before you make your purchase.

Purchasing a used vehicle also has many benefits. When you purchase a brand new vehicle, you must accept the depreciation in value as the original owner. Most cars lose value from the minute they drive off of the lot. With a used vehicle, the price you pay for the vehicle is very close to the actual value.

When you take advantage of a VINSmart car history report, you can ensure that the car you are considering is worth what the seller is asking and has a clean title or paper title. A car history report not only helps you make an informed purchase of a used vehicle, but it also helps reduce any unnecessary headaches concerning the car in the future.  Automobile dealers use these services to research vehicle history and so should you!

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